Easy to read, water resistant

Brightness adapt automatically,
high clarity, waterproof

Comfortable Saddles, Foldable Passenger Footrest,
Adjustable Three Positions Pedal

To discover and be amaze

Three speed modes driving, satisfy diverse needs of riding.

Maximum ergonomics with the
customization of the seating position

110 / 70 – 17 rear tire with bionic bird head tread pattern,
ground grip performance increased by 10%.

Sporty tires

In case misuse of the throttle,
ensure security for parking safety.

Practical and handy
speed change

With visual range of more than 270º, ensures high safety.

Integrated Wraparound LED Tail Light

Intelligent light sensing technology, adaptive into various day and night road situation, dynamic LED light sensing headlight,high brightness, wide range of lighting.

Intelligent Light Sensing Technology